Brand Building, Awareness and Marketing.

Light Integrated Advertising's social media marketing and advertising services are designed to enable businesses to reach potential customers through brand awareness and promotions. Our target marketing focuses on results. We use social media information to track basic user information and internet traffic on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Types of social media ads

Static image ads
Video ads
Stories ads
Messenger ads

Unleash the power of proven social media marketing services

Social media marketing services help you see instant results on social media. We connect your products or services to thousands of people who may need them. Our social media advertising service is the most cost-effective and most targeted form of advertising available today. Although many social media channels appear every day, we understand the audience of all social media channels and organize your social media campaigns. Our strategy for understanding and implementing social media campaigns has yielded the best results to date.

Marketing with major social networks is essential

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are highly interactive, allowing businesses to spread their message instantly like no other form of advertising. The key to success with this type of marketing is to get as many followers as possible.

We believe that not all social networks are suitable for everyone. So for a B2B business, our social media business is different from a B2C business. Our social media campaigns for physicians are different than those for event management companies, real estate companies, or e-commerce companies.
Physician social media marketing campaigns drive maximum traffic and increase your visibility online.